Your franchise or multi-branch system under control

With our branch management, you always have everything in view in real time and everything under control. The system has been designed from the ground up to work optimally with multiple stores.

On cloud 7 with the cloudbased
branch administration

Thanks to the cloud architecture, you can access and manage your restaurants and delivery services in real time. In-house servers are completely redundant. For example, you can check sales and delivery times, manage items and view profitability. If required, you can deactivate stores at any time or take them offline in the web shop. You have full control over your franchise company.

Central administration and
unrestricted control

All data, such as articles, vouchers, personnel, etc. can be created centrally and activated for the various stores. The delivery areas can be compared with each other so that you can identify overlaps and correct them if necessary. You can determine the access rights for the strore ladder or franchise partner and thus give you the possibilities you need to work.

Real-time statistics &
profitability analyses

As the owner, you always have the real-time performance data from each location of your franchise partners in view. Compare delivery times, expenses and sales or check stock levels. SimplyDelivery provides a clear overview of all important key figures and helps you to take a close look at every aspect of your franchise chain and optimise it if necessary.

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from your company. They can be booked at any time.

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Control your growth with branch management

The special thing about SimplyDelivery software is that all modules, from the POS system to personnel management, can be used just as effectively for franchise chains as for individual stores. As the owner of multiple stores, the central store management of their delivery services minimizes the effort required to coordinate operations.

Thanks to the time-saving possibilities of our software, you always have an overview of all relevant data of your stores and franchise partners. This enables you to develop a solid foundation for your growth. With franchise management, you can see at any time what the quality and health of your stores is like, so that they can identify problems at an early stage.