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Optimize your merchandise management

With the merchandise management system you have your entire merchandise traffic under control, from the order to the goods receipt to the inventory. With the help of the merchandise management system, you save time and have your goods in view at all times.

Simply better management

A well-managed merchandise management system saves time and money and identifies problems with merchandise costing at an early stage. Thanks to the seamless interaction with the POS system and the other modules, all goods consumptions are booked in real time. This gives you an overview of how much raw materials you should still have in stock and when you need to reorder. Thanks to supplier integration, supplier prices and delivery times are automatically synchronized. Via the goods ordering system you can conveniently place orders via computer or tablet and inventories can be pre-planned and easily carried out with the tablet.

Create & manage recipes

In order to be able to use merchandise management efficiently, appropriate recipes must be created for the sales products. This can be done conveniently by creating basic recipes. Assign the raw materials to the recipes to the exact grams and store the recipes behind the sales products. The posting of the corresponding quantities on sale then takes place down to the gram from the warehouse stock, which is updated in real time. In addition, the cost of goods is calculated automatically.

Merchandise management for restaurants and delivery services,
which gives you security and also saves time.


Create your suppliers. These can be central vendors or local dealers. You can store contact data and delivery times, which are then displayed when the goods are ordered. If there is a connection to the vendor, the delivery times and prices are updated automatically.


Thanks to the built-in goods order, you can centrally generate and manage all orders in one system. You can then send the orders conveniently via interface or e-mail, or print them out and send them by fax. If there is a connection to the supplier, the current delivery time per article will be displayed.


Post your goods receipt clearly in one system. You can easily generate goods receipts from your purchase orders and then only have to compare the order quantities. As soon as the goods receipt is posted, your warehouse is updated in real time.


You can use Warehouse Management to create your various storage locations and store the corresponding raw materials there. This makes physical inventories or purchase orders easier. Thanks to the real-time warehouse stocks and the warehouse log, you have an overview of all warehouse movements.


Carry out your inventories conveniently with the tablet or counting lists. You can create different templates for e.g. drinks and ice, weekly or monthly inventories. So you always have the real inventory in view and can see if there is an unusual shrinkage.


Do you own more than one store or run a franchise? The merchandise management system is already designed for this. Create inventory templates, store central suppliers and prices and check the stock movements of your stores in real time.

Connected suppliers

We have already connected various suppliers whose interfaces you can use directly.

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All articles - always in view, thanks to the merchandise management system

SimplyDelivery's merchandise management system for delivery services and restaurants offers everything you need as a catering company. With our delivery service management software, a classic merchandise management module is available on request. You can enter goods receipts, view stock levels and, of course, make inventories. Especially helpful are our inventory templates. With the help of the recipes that you create for your delivery service products, you can carry out an exact cost of sales planning. Thus you always know in advance what has to be ordered.

The quantity of articles and the administrative effort make an extensive merchandise management for delivery services and restaurants irreplaceable. As a franchise company, our merchandise management software always offers you a live overview of possible bottlenecks. A comprehensive supplier management system is also part of SimplyDelivery's merchandise management system. The assignment of individual raw materials to the supplier makes ordering goods, even from the cash register, child's play and above all time-saving.