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Digitize your queue

Do you still have customers queuing up in your restaurant or delivery service? Optimize your pickup shop with user-friendly order terminals that match your design.

With the self-service terminals
(kiosk) queues belong to the

Keeping customers waiting is anything but customer-friendly. With your self-service terminal you give your customers the possibility to order and pay comfortably. This reduces stress in your restaurant and increases customer satisfaction. All you need for operation is some space in a clearly visible area and a touch screen with a computer. The self-service terminal is directly connected to the checkout via the cloud, so all orders are automatically printed in the kitchen.

Take advantage of the trend and make your customers happy

In your own design - your digital in-house menu In your own design - your digital in-house menu
The self-service terminal can be represented in your design. Use pictures to give your customers a good impression of what you are ordering.
Pay directly - optimize processes Pay directly - optimize processes
On request, you can have the customer pay on the device themselves via EC or credit card.
Discounts - customer acquisition made easy Discounts - customer acquisition made easy
Your customers can easily redeem discounts and vouchers at the self-service terminal.
Upselling - increase sales Upselling - increase sales
Store promotional banners and promotions to increase the average receipt

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Optimize with the self-service terminal
Your pick-ups and counter sales

Until now, self-service terminals have been associated with expensive hardware and some technical know-how. With the SimplyDelivery Kiosk, even a conventional computer with a touch screen is sufficient. With a suitable holder, you can set up the self-service terminal in the visible area of your shop. This saves you costs, time and through fast order processing, customer satisfaction increases sustainably. In addition, it encourages customers to include additional items such as drinks or inserts in their order, as this can be controlled by the system.

The large chains have successfully converted their business to self-service order terminals. Customers are now used to the intuitive use of such kiosk systems and they are an established ordering channel in restaurants. The concept is particularly suitable for fast-food and take-away stores, which have a large number of walk-in customers at peak times. A self-service terminal for restaurants and delivery services offers a modern and time-saving alternative to queuing in order not to discourage customers from long queues and to relieve their own staff at the checkout.